Understanding what you really want…

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What do you really want your life to be? It’s an interesting question as often the answer isn’t actually what we might be tempted to say at first. We are perhaps loath to admit the truer desires beneath. The things that we want, or that we consider to be the sum total of that elusive ‘happiness’ will be unique to us, of course, but may not turn out to be fulfilling or thrilling after all.

Achieving the dream life you want or a life goal you desire depends so much on the vision you have for it. Currently this may be anything from crystal clear to a vague idea but you can begin to shape and create a tangible version and this is your first step towards achieving it.

Think about the life you’d like without any limitations. Really open your mind and imagination and let them fly! Visualise exactly how you want your life to be. Actually imagine living it too. Imagine it in as much detail as you possibly can, employ every sense and illuminate it with bright lights and colours. The clearer and more detailed the vision the better you will keep it in your memory. Don’t allow money, age or any obstacle restrain you! And ask yourself powerful questions like: What have you always wanted to try but have been too afraid? If you couldn’t fail what would you do? What’s stopping you having a go at these things now?

I found it hugely useful (and rather fun) to write it all out. I divided my dream life into areas (see the spinning plates) and went to town! I got a few pieces of paper (or if you’re at your desk and fancy grabbing a cup of coffee and creating a set of documents) and headed them up with the following:

  • Career and Work (financial)
  • Home and Space
  • Body and health (physical)
  • Mind and Soul (spiritual)
  • Friends and Family
  • Relationships

Another version I was told about during my studies uses these headings:

  • Home and Family life
  • Professional/ Work life
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual/Emotional
  • Other important areas

So take your pick or make your own perhaps? I wrote and wrote! I really enjoyed it and revisited it a few times afterwards and added things. I found it a fantastic base to begin my journey from…

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