The idea/ethos behind this site is that it is a hub and a conduit for information. Information, ideas and inspiration on how to begin to take back control of, and change your life. Do you have that general feeling of a lifeless life? Or maybe there’s a specific aspect of your life such as your work, relationship or health that you want to change but just can’t seem to find any motivation? Then, I hope somewhere in this site you might find that inspiration or a trigger that will help you begin your most amazing life journey. The one where you take back control of your life and achieve that dream life you want.

This all started when I decided to do just this and understand and take back the control over my own life. Every aspect of it. It amazed me how far adrift I had gone, inch by inch and mostly without even realising. I started reading everything designed to help me, researching anywhere and everywhere, and ended up doing a diploma in Life Coaching too. So, this site is a bit like the notebook from all that. Pages filled with scribbled ideas and interesting bits of information that have appealed to me or helped me at the beginning of this life long journey.

I’m not here to tell you what’s best to do with your life and yourself but just give you information, arm you with that information and direct you to places where further information is to be found. Maybe ask me a question, maybe I can find answers, or versions of answers?

Information in itself is not necessarily power. Good information, well harnessed and carefully considered, is powerful though. It’s about being able to affect our own life so that we can control some issues that will hopefully make our life better, I think. Understanding that choices are both conscious and unconscious. The unconscious ones are harder to understand, access and change, nevertheless as important. Perhaps more important. I believe we must at least try to explore and change these choices so that we can to come to terms with, and in some way, utilise our free will and personal choice making systems to nudge ourselves into creating the life we really want. Well, it’s worth a go eh?

So, I suggest you start at The Beginning…! But as with everything the choice is yours…!