The Beginning…

Coaching is essentially a personal growth process where you achieve specific life goals through a series of questions and challenges to your current behavioural patterns. Finding the answers within yourself to achieve a good level of healthy self awareness so you can overcome psychological obstacles like procrastination, lack of organisation or poor response to criticism and reach individual goals like weight loss or a more fulfilling job.

It’s a place where you can devise your dream life and study and understand new ideas and different ways of doing things to achieve it. New ways of approaching old situations and developing new thinking to get the results you actually want. Develop and harness super powers like confidence, motivation, organisational skills, focus and self awareness so irrational beliefs surrounding ‘I can’t’ can be removed.

A word before we go any further:

It’s important to know what coaching is NOT. It is under no circumstances to be thought of as counselling or therapy. If you feel you have a deep underlying issue, addiction or some type of trauma then it is imperative you contact a reputable therapist. Coaching is not a bolt on quick fix solution. It is not Svengali style mentoring or advice giving. There is no set way to go through the process and no structured learning process for you to follow.

Whether you choose to self-coach (there are many fantastic books) or go to see a (life) coach, there are some basic things that you need to bring to the table. Although, there is a lovely trained person discussing it all with you, or a nice friendly book, the responsibility to to learn and change lies squarely with you. The process relies on complete honesty and openness. Openness of self but also to new ideas and perhaps even things you’d normally find hard to stomach. A pledge to step out of any comfort zones wouldn’t go amiss…!┬áIt takes full commitment and effort especially when you feel like lying down and actually crying! A passion, energy and daily practice is essential and really the only way to move forward.

It’s NEVER too late to change things! You can do it! I know you can!