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Spinning plates…

by mathewb.

I break my life down into 6 areas and I like to imagine them like spinning plates on sticks and I need to keep my eye on each element and if a plate starts to wobble as if coming to a stop then I need to just give the stick a quick wiggle and hopefully set it spinning again. I see these areas as:

Body and Health

Home and (our) Space

Family and Friends

Relationships and Love

Career and Work

Mind and Soul


Many people find visualisation very useful. Breaking down the elements of life into sections might also help to monitor them more efficiently. Each area needs attention and loving yet it can be overwhelming. Feeling pulled in too many directions and spread too thin. Looking after yourself is paramount, after all, and the much used, but fundamentally true, cliché is that you cannot love others when you don’t love yourself. All the elements that make up life need to be fed and kept healthy. If one area, say work, starts going wrong in some way but the other areas are basically sound then its easier to focus more attention on that aspect (wiggle the stick) knowing the other aspects will be fine unattended for a short time. But the problem arises when one or more aspect (plate) starts to wobble.

Try to do something for every aspect each day. The simplest and smallest things count and make a huge difference.