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The power of now…

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There is no time like the present. Fact.

Why put off till tomorrow what you could do today? Good question.

If you want something done then give it to the busiest person you know. True.

These might seem like cliches to you but, like, most cliches, they are based on truth. In this case a fundamental one that is so basic and intrinsic that I think we drift from it far too easily. It’s all about NOW. The present. The past is just a record of where you’ve been and what you’ve done and said. It cannot be changed. Ever. The future is an unknown; it is an illusion of possibilities and if’s, but’s and maybe’s, but cannot be known – in any way- for sure. So, it’s a basic piece of logic to see that it is all about NOW. After all everything you ever did or do is in ‘the moment’. It happens NOW, doesn’t it?

So, it makes complete sense to think about this very moment as it is happening doesn’t it?

Worrying about what might happen is wasting energy, time and resources. Plan, of course, and create things that you will be doing and hope to do, but then forget about them and concentrate on the moment you are in. The NOW.

Go on…try it!

If you think about all the things that ruin your daily life like worry, guilt, regret and  fear Рthey are all part of future and past elements that you are allowing to influence and supersede the present. Begin a mental process of liberating your mind from these negative forces by considering the NOW. Stopping the second you are aware that these negative emotions are creeping in and giving them thought and seeing that they are mere illusions based on unknowns and unknowables, then begin to take away their power and give it instead to yourself in the present moment.

Retraining your mind to think a more present and less usual set of thoughts takes time and patience. Give yourself space and devote energy and will power to this reconditioning process. This new quiet mind that is living in the NOW and hyper aware of this fact, will set you free…I guarantee it.

Live for NOW…it truly is the only thing that makes sense.